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Medical Facilities
Proper cleaning procedures are important to improve the health for both employees and patients within a facility. The importance of having clean and sterile environments is absolutely critical to the functioning of the facility. White Knight takes the following steps to ensure a sterile work environment for both the employees and patients. 

Desks, Counters, Tables, and Sinks are dusted and cleaned with spray cleaner. All door frames are wiped and clean. Ear and mouth pieces of phones are wiped clean. Mats and hard surface floors are swept, damp mopped and vacuumed. Stain removal is done where required. 

Thoroughly clean and disinfect with germicidal spray in all washrooms. We replenish paper products and soap as well as mop floors with germicidal cleaner. In the lunchroom all tables sinks and counters are cleaned as well as the microwave. 

Beside the sterile cleaning we also take care of all general cleaning. Sweeping and mopping all floors, empty all waste receptacles and replace liners as required, and place the garbage in its designated area. The tops of all equipment in exam rooms are dusted and the inside of door windows are cleaned.

Commercial Properties
We consider ourselves the leaders in the ultra high-speed floor care industry. In order to carry out this task, we have the equipment to give your floors a finish that is as tough as nails and shines like no other. We know your standards are high, and with our professionally programmed approach to maintaining a brilliant wet look on hard floors, we work along with you in promoting a strong, positive image for your facility. Our finishes for floor care products come from the family of Eco Labs a green friendly system of chemicals. We find that their unique combination of programs, products, and equipment allows us to provide you with an even better service. We emphasize the value of using the best safe clean equipment. Clean, sanitary restrooms make an important statement about a facility's housekeeping standard. And, with today's concerns over the possible spread of communicable diseases, restroom sanitation is essential for the protection of employees and visitors.

These are all services directly affecting the appearance and cleanliness of your buildings as well as the safe and sanitary operation of your facility.

Our current clients have found that with the convenience of combining these essential services with White Knight, not only have they improved the quality of their location but have also brought substantial savings to their bottom line.  

You will find they will have less paperwork having one qualified company to deal with.  Issues that may arise are dealt with, with a quick response and solutions to restore any deficiencies.

Grounds Keeping

Lawn care, your image and your company's appearance go hand and hand. White Knight Facility Services is watching your business for you. Have that perfect manicured lawn and those beautiful bedding plants to the shapely hedges, have an experienced company give you an edge on your building's appearance.

Custodial Supplies
Technology is changing the way we all do business. At White Knight facility Services we embrace the opportunities and provide value and quality to our customers.
We provide a wide range of enhanced performance products from

Washroom supplies
BioRenewable Chemicals
Food service supplies
Medical supply
Safety products

At WKFS we are committed to empowering you with the most advanced and effective systems for your facility that is available in the marketplace.

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