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For over 25 years White Knight has been servicing clients that need to have their facility looking its best. If you are looking for full facility services, custodial, ground maintenance or rental equipment look to the company that can protect your company´┐Żs image. Based in St. Thomas, we are a diversified company, taking care of factories, schools, school board offices, three and four story medical buildings, medical laboratories, retail stores, banks, and government buildings. 

Our business takes us to London, St. Thomas, Kitchener, Niagara region, Chatham, Sarnia, Windsor, Toronto region, Strathroy, Tillsonburg, Woodstock, Dutton and Pt. Stanley. We take much pride in our business. We show this by the staff we retain and give each client the utmost in attention enabling you to talk with the owners if there are questions or concerns. 

In 2006 we had five supervisors and a staff of 57. We continue to grow in our knowledge about the cleaning industry and facility management by taking in custodial and facility shows and training seminars, which help us to keep up with the rapid changes in our industry. We are also in constant contact with our suppliers and manufactures of chemicals and equipment in order to keep up to date on new products. This is what helps us to give you the best.

White Knight would like the opportunity to show you how we can improve your facility's daily operations. White Knight provides the following important services to assist in maintaining a successful business:

Property management
Custodial services
Safety and Washroom Supplies (paper towel, toilet paper and hand soaps with dispensers all industrial safety equipment)
Landscaping (lawn and gardening services)
Entrance Mat services
Lighting and ballast replacement, Hvac service
Company Relocation

These are all services directly affecting the appearance, Safety and cleanliness of your facility as well as the safe and sanitary operation of your facility.

Our current clients have found that with the convenience of combining these essential services with White Knight, not only have they improved the
quality of their location but have also brought substantial savings to their bottom line.

You will find they will have less paperwork with one qualified company to deal with. Issues that may arise are dealt with, with a quick response and solutions to restore any deficiencies.

White Knight is dedicated to retaining you as a valued client and to build our future in business together.

Tim Bartha
President / WKFS

Training Aids
The training of employees is of utmost importance. Our first step is the "White Knight Facility Training Program". This training program includes one to four weeks of training with a supervisor that will invite the worker into a world of professional building maintenance. Depending on the work each person will be doing, the training will include detailed methods that they will be using at each of there assigned tasks. W.H.M.I.S. training is a must for today's workers. Each of White Knight Janitorial's employees is trained in WHMIS procedures. Each worker knows where to find the M.S.D.S. for the supplies that are being used at each location.

When estimating a project, every minute counts. So we use a facility time estimator which helps speed the estimating procedure while arriving at a fair assessment of total hours required for a program. Our supervisors benefit from a useful work analysis form which helps in assessing job performance for all areas of building maintenance.

Supervisors are also responsible for scheduling a variety of projects and tasks working along with each building for appropriate times. Supervisors will either be on site or visit employees to exceed your expectations. All staff is bonded and insured.


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